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The Academy Presents

The Academy Presents is a commercial real estate agency that wanted to take their brand to the next level. With our high-quality and success centric services we put this real estate course on the map and made their content an irresistible must-have!

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The Academy Presents had goals they were beyond eager to achieve. They wanted to create a podcast, youtube channel, and multi-purpose content but did not have the production capacity to realistically achieve these goals in the short-time frame they were hoping for. They did not have a social media presence established either and lacked the necessities they needed to drive their business value and increase their assets’ growth at the level they truly desired. The company was facing a fierce plateau and needed a strong marketing strategy to unlock its limitless potential. TAP wanted to know how to market their services in such a way that it shows just how valuable their resources are and how their framework could help entrepreneurs scale their real estate investing business exponentially! And here at Knightly productions we are all about helping businesses reach the success they deserve by mapping out strategies and a plan of action that helps companies dominate their industries and influentially stand out among competitors. We believe that no obstacle, goal, or challenge is too big, we help our clients conquer them all!


Our team worked together to strategize a mastermind program and structured an excellent offer creation framework that created a value-packed digital summit. This incentivized summit brought leading industry experts together to help their audience successfully reach their real estate investing & entrepreneurial ambitions with a go-getting crush your goals attitude. We generated such an irresistible call to action paired with value-to-cost ratio so content value-packed that The Academy offers a 100% money-back guarantee if their audience doesn’t love their digital summit! We helped The Academy Presents expand its scalability and increase summit ticket sales at a generously profitable rate. We helped the academy access the resources and direction they needed so their audience could accelerate their success! 

  • Virtual Summit Management

  • Virtual Summit Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Podcast Production

  • Video Production

  • Motion Graphics

  • Content Strategy

  • Operations Consulting


The Academy presents Digital Summit has become such a buzz in the real estate world that tickets to the summit sell out immediately and attendees leave raving reviews on how inspirational and life-changing the summit is! Dozens of expert speakers come together to provide the knowledge, assets, and resources attendees need to reach success as REI entrepreneurs. 

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